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Posted by: on August, 4 2012

RaceGrader.com has become one of the best resources for endurance athletes in Southern California.

The response has been fantastic and we’ve exceeded our expectations. We have moved into Phase II of our development. RaceGrader.com has launched our “Membership Program”. In this program, our members will be offered exclusive deals on races and endurance-athlete related merchandise. The price of membership will be minimal and very attractive in comparison to the amount of savings offered.

You can participate in this program for FREE. Send us a discount code for your product and we will promote it to the Southern California endurance-athlete community.


Here are some details about our members:

  • 95% Located between Santa Barbara and San Diego
  • Most register for 4 or more races per year
  • High interest in “cool gear”
  • 54% Female / 46% Male
  • 56% are aged between 25-54

We are doing all we can to provide great deals for our community. If you have a product, store, training program, etc…that you’d like to promote, send us a deal for our members.


To promote your product on our discount page for FREE, simply provide us with:

  • Details of the discount
  • The exclusive discount code to be used for the RaceGrader community
  • Expiration date of the discount code
  • URL address for re-direct

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this program.  To get a question answered or to get your product promoted,  simply email us at RaceGrader@gmail.com.