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Video: I’m A Runner Adrian Grenier

Posted by: on December, 17 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com by Dana Metzler Zepeda

The actor, 38, is all about increasing his speed.

I started running four or five years ago just to stay in shape. It wasn’t until I started high-intensity interval training and sprints that I really got into it.

Your body resists. It’s like, “Don’t push too hard or you’re going to die.” Then you tell your body, “Yeah, that’s why you have to get better!” It’s a conversation between your will and your limitations. It’s up to you to survive and thrive.

I’m not really a distance guy. The 10K has sort of been my limit. I’m more into increasing my speed, really.
I’ve done some 10Ks for charity. Last year, I ran the New Year’s Resolution race in L.A. to help clean up plastic in the ocean. I’m not sure of my exact time [it was 46:24], but I placed second.

I’m really into my new Polar heart-rate monitor. It connects to my iPhone to track my performance and helps me set little goals for myself.

Connecting the action to the physiology and science allows me to understand what I’m doing. I’m not just putting one foot in front of the other. I’m giving my body an opportunity to be better.

I like to mix up the music when I’m running. I like hip-hop for sure. SBTRKT is my favorite band right now. That new one-off track is really good.

I live in Brooklyn, so running in Prospect Park is always awesome. I also love to run in Griffith Park when I’m in L.A.

One of my favorite runs is Bondi Beach in Australia. I’ve been there a few times for Entourage. You run along the beach, then go up on the rocks with the ocean splashing and feel the mist from the waves. It’s just incredible.

Fans sometimes recognize me when I’m running. Of course it’s a good thing seeing somebody being healthy, but they always want to take a picture when I’m all sweaty and gross. They’ll be like, “Vince! Where’s Turtle at?”

When bicycles try to pass me, sometimes I like to race them. When I do that, the cyclist is always like, “You’re trying to beat me? I’m on a bike!” Then they look at me and they’re like, “Oh!” and there’s a little smile. It’s always a cool moment.