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VIDEO: Driver Plows Through Maui Marathon Starting Line

Posted by: on September, 26 2014

An alleged drunk driver interrupted the race before it began last weekend.

Rustyn Pajimola-Aiu, 22, was charged with driving under the influence after police say he drove his car through a crowd of runners at the Maui Marathon start line last Sunday. Footage from Hawaii On TV shows a white Acura sedan slowly roll into the crowd and try to maneuver around the mass of horrified runners and spectators.

According to Hawaii News Now, a 53-year-old bystander was struck by the car and dragged 30 feet before another person ran up to the car’s passenger side, reached into the open window and pulled the emergency brake. The victim was treated and released on the scene for minor injuries.

“Something snapped inside of my mind that told me to go and stop the car,” Dan Skousen, who was lined up at the front of the pack of runners, told Hawaii News Now. “The people, including myself, went to hit the car like, ‘Stop, what is wrong with you?’

“I ran around to the passenger side and the window was down and I kinda leaned through or jumped through the window and pulled the emergency brake.”

Skousen said the car smelled of alcohol, and the driver stepped on the gas after the brake was engaged. Skousen then shut the car off and removed the keys from the ignition.

No one else was injured, thanks to those who acted quickly on the scene.

The race continued without incident after the delay.

“It was not something, as a race director, you prepare for. It was very disappointing to see something like that happen,” race director Rudy Huber said. “We don’t want to just cancel the event for something like this. I wanted everyone to walk away with a positive attitude about the Maui Marathon.”