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Video: A Comedians Guide To Running

Posted by: on April, 26 2016

According to the Sklar Brothers and their new PBS digital series “You’re Doing It Wrong,” chances are you’re running wrong too, and they’re here to help you fix it. In this 5-minute episode, the identical twins, longtime comedian duo, Jason and Randy Sklar, cover everything from why people run to how you should be running, supplemented with legitimately cited research (including a reference to Competitor.com) and quirky commentary (they’re serious about the skeletoes—”avoid them at all costs!”).

Besides running, the series also covers a wide range of seemingly simple, everyday activities that we’re most likely doing wrong, including sleeping, breathing, showering, texting and yes, even twerking. Whether you’re actually running incorrectly or not, though, you’ll either find this video to be highly informative or just downright amusing.