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Quest For Kona

Posted by: on September, 20 2017

IRONMAN’s new reality TV show Quest for Kona debuts on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) on October 4, 2017. It will also be available on Redbull.com and SuperSport TV (check your local listings for details).

Runner Dubbed “The Mad Pooper” Wanted For Defecating In Yards

Posted by: on September, 20 2017

he Colorado Springs family has spent weeks trying to get a mystery woman they’ve dubbed “The Mad Pooper” to stop defecating in their neighborhood, right outside their house.

VIDEO: What’s For Dinner with Allen Lim

Posted by: on May, 25 2017

What’s for dinner with Allen Lim.    

VIDEO: Break Free

Posted by: on January, 6 2017

German student director Eugen Merher created this moving spec commercial titled “Break Free,” that perfectly captures the spirit of running. In less than a couple minutes and no dialogue, the commercial tells a story about a former marathon runner whose body and soul are decaying in a retirement home, until he finds an old pair […]

Video: Will It Gu?

Posted by: on December, 15 2016

In the latest edition of the “Mountain Outpost” video series, trail runners Jamil Coury and Schuyler Hall of Phoenix-based Aravaipa Running have some fun sampling a Just Plain GU with some regular food. See what happens when they mix GU with Oreo cookies, avocado hummus, spaghetti and meatballs, sushi, hot peppers and more!

VIDEO: When Running Was For Weirdos

Posted by: on May, 18 2016

Check out this hilarious (and historically accurate) video from VOX that takes a brief look back at how the jogging craze of the 1960s and ’70s led to the running boom of today.

VIDEO: Running To Remember

Posted by: on May, 17 2016

Lisa Hallett lost her husband John when he was fighting in Afghanistan. Now, she runs not only to move forward, but to also remember her best friend.  

VIDEO: Believe In The Run

Posted by: on May, 12 2016

Believe in the run.  Redefine your impossible!

VIDEO: The Myth Of Frequent Eating

Posted by: on May, 9 2016

Matt Fitzgerald discusses the myth of frequent eating.

VIDEO: Racing Weight & Beverage Consumption

Posted by: on May, 9 2016

In this video Matt Fitzgerald discusses weight and beverage consumption.

VIDEO: Counting Calories

Posted by: on May, 9 2016

In this video Matt Fitzgerald discusses counting calories.

VIDEO: Eating A Big Breakfast

Posted by: on May, 9 2016

In this video, Racing Weight author Matt Fitzgerald discusses the importance of breakfast in an endurance athlete’s diet. Studies have shown that athletes who eat a substantial breakfast tend to be leaner than those who typically skip it.  

Video: A Comedians Guide To Running

Posted by: on April, 26 2016

According to the Sklar Brothers and their new PBS digital series “You’re Doing It Wrong,” chances are you’re running wrong too, and they’re here to help you fix it. In this 5-minute episode, the identical twins, longtime comedian duo, Jason and Randy Sklar, cover everything from why people run to how you should be running, […]

Tri Official Movie Trailer

Posted by: on March, 28 2016

Natalie, an ultrasound tech with a history of not finishing things, is inspired by a cancer patient to sign up for a Triathlon. Natalie is introduced to the strange (and aerodynamic) world of triathletes and meets a colorful cast of characters as she trains for the Nation’s Triathlon. With the support of her new teammates, […]

VIDEO: Kara Goucher’s Marathon Training Tips

Posted by: on August, 14 2015

In this video, Kara Goucher shares her top tips for marathon training, including the importance of long runs, speed workouts, core strengthening work and stretching. Check it out!

VIDEO: Tennessee Half Marathon Hecklers

Posted by: on June, 15 2015

Found on Competitor.com as like a scene straight out of the classic film “Deliverance” — except it was along the course of the Franklin Half Marathon in Tennessee earlier this month. According to a story in The Tennessean, locals April and Red Duck Cantrell and a bunch of their buddies decided to have a little […]

VIDEO: This Girl Can

Posted by: on June, 12 2015

A new TV ad created by Sports England called “This Girl Can” was released yesterday. The spot aims to help women overcome “worries about being judged for being the wrong size, not fit enough and not skilled enough came up time and again,” Sport England’s chief executive officer Jennie Price told Marketing Magazine.   Watch it. You’ll be inspired. […]

VIDEO: Volvo LifePaint

Posted by: on June, 9 2015

Volvo Cars presents LifePaint. The best way to survive a crash, is not to crash. LifePaint is a unique reflective safety spray. Invisible by daylight, it shines brightly in the glare of car headlights. Making the invisible, visible. Find out more at www.volvolifepaint.com #volvolifepaint

VIDEO: Why You Should Be Trail Running

Posted by: on June, 3 2015

Found on Trailrunnermag.com In this video by Seeker Stories, area runners explore their beautiful backyard, while reflecting on what it makes trail running so special (and treadmill running so dreadful).

VIDEO: Racing Weight. The Myth Of Frequent Eating

Posted by: on June, 2 2015

Found on Competitor.com and written by Matt Fitzgerald In this video “Racing Weight” author Matt Fitzgerald dispels the myth that eating frequently boosts your metabolism, but explains how consuming small meals throughout the day tends to reduce your appetite, thus allowing you to stay lean and perform well.  

VIDEO: Shattered Dreams

Posted by: on June, 2 2015

The images are hard to look at — a mangled Schwinn bicycle, a crumpled bike trailer, shredded clothes and a cracked helmet. But it’s a good reminder to stay off your phone while driving.

VIDEO: 5 Steps To The Perfect Snot Rocket

Posted by: on May, 28 2015

It’s easy to joke about the ”snot rocket,” a.k.a. the farmer’s blow. (Take it from me.) But all kidding aside, learning how to clear your nose on the run, quickly and cleanly, will make you a happier runner. Because runners are often too nervous to attempt a snot rocket on their own, and too embarrassed […]

VIDEO: The Importance Of Recovery

Posted by: on May, 19 2015

In this video, Sage Rountree, author of “The Athlete’s Guide To Recovery” explains how recovering properly will help you reap the benefits of hard workouts.

VIDEO: Introduction To Foot Care

Posted by: on May, 13 2015

Found on Competitor.com Your feet, obviously, are extremely important to your success as a runner. What parts of the foot need the most attention, and what are the best ways to care for your feet? In this video, Bryan Hill of Rehab United in San Diego gives an extensive look at the foot, pointing out […]

VIDEO: Is Your Sodium Intake Adequate?

Posted by: on May, 12 2015

Found on Competitor.com What are some of the symptoms that runners should look for related to low sodium? In this episode of Med Tent, Dr. Jordan Metzl examines the side effects of inadequate sodium intake (called hyponatremia), and offers tips to make sure this isn’t an issue for you.

Marathons, Triathlons, To Allow Athletes To Transfer And Sell Bibs

Posted by: on May, 7 2015

Found on Wall Street Journal. Sold-out events ease strict rules and offer insurance for refunds to accommodate injured athletes  

VIDEO: IronStrength Workout

Posted by: on April, 28 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com Start running strong with this full body workout.  

VIDEO: Man With Muscular Dystrophy Finished Boston Marathon

Posted by: on April, 21 2015

Found on MyFoxBoston.com   Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

VIDEO: Shed The Monster

Posted by: on April, 16 2015

When people get outside and exercise, good things happen!

VIDEO: Runner Prematurely Celebrates Win, Gets Passed At Finish Line

Posted by: on April, 13 2015

Talk about a letdown. Check out this runner from Oregon celebrating his win a bit too early.

VIDEO: Calf Self Massage

Posted by: on April, 7 2015

In this video we offer you a cheap alternative to getting a deep tissue massage on your lower legs. Known as “self myofascial massage” this technique is a type of deep-tissue massage that will help you work the kinks out of your calf muscles. All you need is a hard ball, such as a lacrosse […]

VIDEO: Swim It Safety Device

Posted by: on March, 31 2015

This 4 minute video discusses the beginning of the Swim IT, the USAT Approval process, and the Peace of Mind that one World Class Ultra Running Champion needed to finish her first Ironman! Open water swim safety and racing, IT’s what we do.

VIDEO: Dogbone Drill

Posted by: on March, 5 2015

Found on Competitor.com by Triathlete.com When done properly, Bobby McGee says this running drill is helpful for balance, coordinating the shoulders with the hips.

VIDEO: 3 Drills For A Better Running Stride

Posted by: on March, 5 2015

Found on Competitor.com by Jene Shaw

Cyclist Hit By Distracted Driver

Posted by: on February, 23 2015

In the very definition of irony, a cyclist was hit by a distracted driver at the end of the ride to benefit the Milt Olin Foundation, dedicated to fight distracted driving.

Dodgeball Triathlon

Posted by: on February, 19 2015

The Super Bowl is the last place you might expect to see exposure for triathlon, but that’s exactly what happened on Sunday night thanks to Subway and its “Tough Dodger” commercial. We love the commercial for celebrating fitness (and triathlon specifically) and we also think triathlon dodge ball is a hilarious/awesome concept. Who else is […]

VIDEO: Incredible Marathon Finish

Posted by: on February, 17 2015

Austin Marathoner crawls across the finish line.  

The Debate Over Running While High

Posted by: on February, 10 2015

For Ultramarathon Runners, Marijuana Has Enormous Benefits—But Is It Ethical?

#LikeAGirl Super Bowl Commercial

Posted by: on February, 2 2015

The #LikeAGirl Super Bowl commercial was a favorite.

How Great I Am – Super Bowl Commercial

Posted by: on January, 26 2015

Found on Competitor.com Runner and Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy will make you want to buy this car for all your athletic adventures. With the Super Bowl upon us in less than a week, television will be bombarded with several debuts of new, inspirational, funny, shocking and clever ads. One of those ads is this “How […]

VIDEO: 4 Exercises To Prevent Shin Splints

Posted by: on January, 22 2015

Protect an injury-prone spot with these simple moves. By Caitlin Carlson You don’t think about your shins until they hurt. And by then, you could be looking at some major downtime. A recent study found that it takes, on average, 71 days to rehab shin splints. Shin splints (the term for pain that occurs on […]

VIDEO: How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes

Posted by: on January, 22 2015

Runner’s World editor Warren Greene speaks with Chris Schmidt of the Emmaus Run Inn to find out what to look for when picking out your next pair of running shoes.

Coming Soon: Race Trailers for 2015

Posted by: on January, 19 2015

Found on Competitor.com and written by Emily Polachek Coming to a race near you… BolderBoulder recently released a dramatic movie-like trailer of their annual 10K road race set for Memorial Day, May 25. If you’ve never experienced the Colorado-based race before, then this video promo will convince you to register immediately, and if you’ve already […]

VIDEO: Running Techniques From A World Champion

Posted by: on January, 14 2015

2012 Ironman world champion Pete Jacobs discusses the importance of running technique and how he learned about the most efficient way to run.

VIDEO: Predict Your Marathon Time

Posted by: on January, 8 2015

Found on RunnersWorld.com You can predict your marathon time based on how long it takes you to run 800 meters. Don’t believe it? The secret lies in Yasso 800s.

90 Year Old Veteran Runs Across America

Posted by: on December, 29 2014

Three days a week, 90-year-old Ernie Andrus puts on his support stockings and tennis shoes, gently lowers himself out of the RV he’s been living in since October, and slowly returns to his mission.

VIDEO: Macca Discusses Overcoming Swim Fears

Posted by: on December, 11 2014

Found on Challenge TV  

VIDEO: Shoes And Brews

Posted by: on December, 2 2014

Found on Competitor.com.  

VIDEO: Apolo Ohno Finished Kona

Posted by: on November, 24 2014

Episode 8. Apolo Ohno finishes at the Kona Ironman Championship.

VIDEO: “E 60” Catching Kayla

Posted by: on November, 21 2014

Tom Rinaldi tells the remarkable story of Kayla Montgomery — who, despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, has become one of the best young distance runners in the country.

VIDEO: Be Kind To Cyclists

Posted by: on November, 12 2014

A rough cut of a trailer for an upcoming documentary featuring Al Bastidas from the non-profit organization “Please Be Kind To Cyclists” as well as Harvey Davis, John Fusselman, and Melissa Holan, three individuals who have lost a loved one as a result of a cycling accident. This documentary focuses on ghost bikes around the […]

VIDEO: Kona Recap

Posted by: on November, 4 2014

Going through #IMKona withdrawal? We’ve got you covered with the recap video! Reminder: NBC broadcast Saturday, November 15 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. ET (check local listings for details) Post by Ironman World Championship.

VIDEO: Recovery Tips

Posted by: on October, 21 2014

The importance of recovery from Triathlete.com.

VIDEO: How To Prevent Achilles Tendon Injuries

Posted by: on October, 20 2014

Found on Triathlete.com. Prevent achilles tendon and lower leg injuries with this exercise.  

VIDEO: Last Hour Of Finishers At Kona

Posted by: on October, 14 2014

From Ironman.com.  Video of the final finishers of the 2014 Kona Ironman Championship.  

VIDEO: Apolo Ohno Finishes Kona

Posted by: on October, 13 2014

Apolo Ohno, the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian of all time, finished the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii in 9 hours, 52 minutes and 27 seconds. Here’s the video of him crossing the finish line:

VIDEO: Proper Running Form

Posted by: on September, 15 2014

Correct running form from Running Wild.

VIDEO: Get The Coveted “Runner’s Butt”

Posted by: on September, 11 2014

Video found on competitor.com An exercise routine to build those important muscles that power your runs – and help you get a coveted “runner’s butt.”

VIDEO: Running The Right Way

Posted by: on September, 8 2014

Found on Competitor.com and published by Emily Polachek Double-check your running form with this humorous yet informational ‘how-to’ video. Running incorrectly only makes the activity more difficult and less enjoyable (or somewhat awkward for others to watch). Thank goodness, though, for Buzzfeed’s old-school instructional video, titled “You’re Running Wrong,” to break those bad running habits. […]

VIDEO: Cyclists Call For Action

Posted by: on September, 4 2014

Bike Ride A Call For Action After Deputy Not Charged In Cyclist’s Death More than 100 cyclists made their way from Calabasas to Los Angeles Wednesday evening to pay tribute to Milt Olin Jr., a prominent entertainment lawyer and former Napster executive who was killed while riding his bicycle in December. SKY9 was overhead as […]

VIDEO: Running Changed Life of Boy with Autism

Posted by: on September, 4 2014

By Katy Snow Mike Brannigan is obsessed with running. The repetitive motion. The rhythm he finds. The way he can focus on his body and nothing else. “I love to work hard and have fun. And just beat my personal best and keep improving to that next level,” he says. At 17, Mike Brannigan is […]

VIDEO: What Moves You? Teaser Trailer

Posted by: on August, 25 2014

Told from the point-of-view of runners from all walks of life, the film explores the inspiration and motivation that modern cultures associate with running. On the surface, the reasons people run seem obvious; health, stress, competition to name a few. But what if there is a deeper, more intrinsic compulsion that connects people who choose […]

VIDEO: Family Of Slain Cyclist Encourages Motorists To Share The Road

Posted by: on August, 21 2014

From NBC news San Diego. A Chula Vista couple is trying to get the word out about a new law requiring California drivers to stay at least 3 feet away when passing bicyclists. Michael and Cheri O’Neill’s passion for the change is outweighed only by grief after they lost their 33-year-old son Matthew O’Neill on […]

What Moves You?

Posted by: on August, 13 2014

The human race starts with a story. This is yours. Told from the point-of-view of runners from all walks of life “What Moves You?” is a feature-length documentary film that explores the inspiration and motivation that modern cultures associate with running. There are many great films about running, but most focus on elite athletes and […]

VIDEO: Stay Injury Free With Self Massage

Posted by: on August, 12 2014

Found on Competitor.com In this video, Sage Rountree explains how self massage can be a useful bridge between regular massage sessions and can help target areas that are overtight or overworked. Also, learn how tools such as a golf ball, foam roller or massage stick can aid in restoring the body back to a less-tight […]

VIDEO: Get An Accurate GPS Mile Pace

Posted by: on August, 11 2014

From RunnersWorld.com Want to know how to get the most accurate mile pace out of your GPS watch? Shoe and Gear Editor Jeff Dengate shows you a quick trick to get the most accurate mile pace reading out of your watch.

VIDEO: Review Hoka One One Clifton

Posted by: on August, 11 2014

Shoe review on RunnersWorld.com for the Hoka One One Clifton  

VIDEO: The Science Of Running A Marathon

Posted by: on August, 7 2014

So maybe we can’t outrun cheetahs or antelope, but humans are uniquely adapted for long distance running. To find out why (and because I was feeling a little crazy) I decided to run a marathon! Here’s what I discovered about the science of long distance running.  

VIDEO: How Lack Of Sleep Can Hurt Your Training

Posted by: on August, 6 2014

Found on Competitor.com In this video Sage Rountree explains how poor sleep can be an indicator of—and contributor to—overtraining. She also discusses why getting the right amount of sleep is essential for peak performance and offers strategies for fitting more sleep into your schedule.  

VIDEO: How Often Should You Eat

Posted by: on August, 6 2014

Dr. John Berardi helps set out a simple plan as to when and how often you sould eat every day. Planning eating frequency will keep you energized and ready to tackle your next workout.

VIDEO: Change Of Heart

Posted by: on August, 6 2014

Wake up call from maker of cycling hating video. Watch initial video that caused such a big response. ORIGINAL VIDEO  

Boulder Ironman Underpants Run

Posted by: on August, 5 2014

Found on Triathlete.com Boulder Underpants Run View Larger Image. Boulder Underpants Run View Larger Image. Boulder Underpants Run View Larger Image. Boulder Underpants Run Photos: Holly Bennett Hundreds of hard bodies–including several pro triathletes and a certain Olympian/Ironman-in-training–took to the Boulder streets in droves on Thursday night, strutting their stuff at the first annual Boulder […]

VIDEO: Apolo Ohno, Craig “Crowie” Alexander and Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae

Posted by: on August, 4 2014

Q&A with Olympic World Champion Apolo Ohno and IRONMAN World Champions Craig “Crowie” Alexander and Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae. Learn how these three world class athletes have been preparing for the IRONMAN World Championships.

VIDEO: Why We Run

Posted by: on August, 4 2014

Bernd Heinrich is a retired Professor living in a log cabin in the woods of Western Maine. He has held numerous running records throughout his life and has committed much of his time to the study of the natural world. In Episode 01 we look back at this man’s incredible life, his achievements, the lessons […]

The NEW Most Common Runners Injury

Posted by: on August, 4 2014

Found on RunnersWorld.com and written by Scott Douglas Of more than 900 new runners, 27% got injured during their first year in the sport, and shin splints were the most common injury, according to research published in PLoS One. Danish researchers followed 933 new runners for a year to see how many got injured, what injuries they incurred, […]

VIDEO: Inspirational Video

Posted by: on August, 1 2014

Get inspired.  Never give in…

Inspirational Ironman Finish Lake Placid

Posted by: on July, 30 2014

Post by Erin Guida.

VIDEO: Homeless Man Trains For San Francisco Half Marathon

Posted by: on July, 29 2014

From the NBC Today Show.

Motorist Gets Ticket For Following Cyclist Too Close

Posted by: on July, 25 2014

Watch as this police officer enforces the law. The Honda is tailgating the cyclist at 30 mph.

VIDEO: Idaho Boy Helps Disabled Brother In Triathlon

Posted by: on July, 24 2014

An 8-year-old boy helped his younger brother, who has a rare genetic condition that’s confined him to a wheelchair, finish a triathlon

VIDEO: OC Cyclists Take To PCH To Remember Fallen Riders

Posted by: on July, 21 2014

LAGUNA BEACH (CBSLA.com) — Cyclists took to Pacific Coast Highway on Sunday morning for a ride to remember two of their friends who died in the past year in crashes with motor vehicles on the busy beach route. Sunday’s ride was in memory of John Colvin, who was struck by a car last month while […]

Reserve Police Officer Placed On Leave After Making Video About Running Over Cyclists

Posted by: on July, 20 2014

According to BikinginLA.com there have been 54 cyclists killed this year in Southern California. (1/1/14-7/19/14) A reserve officer with the Santa Paula Police Department who made a YouTube video joking about running over bicyclists apologized Saturday, saying in a Facebook posting that the footage was satirical. I would like to apologize to all those who […]

VIDEO: Race Recap Apolo Ohno First Triathlon

Posted by: on July, 17 2014

It is race day at IRONMAN 70.3 Boise and Apolo Ohno is taking on his very first triathlon with his teammate, Women’s Health fitness director Jen Ator, rooting for him on the sidelines. For Apolo, an eight time short-track speedskater gold medalist, it’s his first opportunity to truly understand what it takes to be a […]

VIDEO: Pete Jacobs Talks Running Technique

Posted by: on July, 15 2014

Former Ironman world champion Pete Jacobs discusses the importance of running technique and how he learned about the most efficient way to run.

VIDEO: New World Record

Posted by: on July, 14 2014

Zach Miller, a recent graduate of Brunswick High School in Maine, broke a Guinness World Record by running a 5:48 mile in swim fins. The previous record was 7:56 ran by Ashrita Furman in 2010. Miller, who has a mile PR of 4:52, told the Bangor Daily News that the key to running fast in […]

VIDEO: Unbroken Trailer

Posted by: on July, 14 2014

Film tells the story of Olympian’s early days and World War II POW ordeal.

VIDEO: Beating The Monday Blues Workout

Posted by: on July, 14 2014

Found on Lavamagazine.com   RUN WORKOUT: 10 mins Warm Up 5 x 100m strides with jog back recovery Main set: 3 x 1600m (1 mile) 1/4 mile at 1/2marathon pace 1/4 mile at 10k pace 1/4 mile at 5k pace 1/4 mile all out!!! 3 mins easy jogging in between each one!

VIDEO: Every Runner Has A Reason

Posted by: on July, 14 2014

Need some inspiration? We’ve got the cure. Check out Ronnie Goodman’s training ground and learn why running is so important: “Because It Sets You Free.” On July 27th Ronnie Goodman will run the Second Half of the San Francisco Marathon to increase awareness and raise critical funds for Hospitality House. Embrace the spirit of human […]

VIDEO: Treadmill Faceplant

Posted by: on July, 11 2014

Found on Competitor.com Anything can happen during a live interview, including someone unknowingly stepping onto a running treadmill. Can you guess what happens next? You’ll have to watch this video to find out!

OC Cyclist Hit By Gatorade Bottle May Get Charged

Posted by: on July, 9 2014

LA Times – Veronica Rocha An Orange County cyclist who used his cellphone to document getting struck by a Gatorade bottle after a dispute with the passenger in a passing truck could also face charges in the incident, officials said. Orange County sheriff’s investigators have reviewed Bryan Larsen’s video (warning: cyclist utters a profanity) and […]

VIDEO: See What It Feels Like To Be Hit By A Car

Posted by: on July, 8 2014

Video: What’s it like to be hit head-on by a car? It’s like this Police are hunting a driver who left a 34-year-old office worker in the gutter with broken bones after knocking him off his bike in Slough, Berkshire last month. Despite gut-wrenching video footage from the rider’s handlebars, police have been unable to […]

VIDEO: 5 Drills To Make You A Faster Runner

Posted by: on July, 8 2014

This seminar from the Multisport World NYC event, held back in March, features USAT-certified coach Joshua Gold. Gold provides five running drills to help you become a better triathlete.

VIDEO: What Is A Runner’s High

Posted by: on July, 3 2014

From Men’s Health. We all know the runner’s high is real, but science still isn’t certain about why it occurs. We spoke with Greg Gerdeman, Ph.D., an assistant professor of biology at Eckerd College, to understand the current theory. It’s spelled out in the video above.

VIDEO: Inspirational Story Of Rob Jones

Posted by: on July, 3 2014

Watch the great story of Rob Jones.

VIDEO: Core Workout With A World Champion

Posted by: on July, 3 2014

Three-time Ironman world champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander shares his core workout.

VIDEO: How To Catch A Bike Thief

Posted by: on June, 30 2014

Bike theft is a serious problem in San Francisco. Now the police are using every tool they have, including GPS trackers in bikes, social media and thousands of stickers that ask thieves a question.

VIDEO: Drills For Trail Runners

Posted by: on June, 12 2014

In this video, Competitor.com’s Mario Fraioli demonstrates a short workout you can do to improve your power, explosiveness and agility for running off-road.

VIDEO: Road Bike vs Mountain Bike Rap Battle

Posted by: on June, 12 2014

The tension between mountain bikers and road bikers has come to a head. The only way to settle this is with a rap battle.

VIDEO: No Legs, No Arms, No Problems

Posted by: on June, 12 2014

Nick Vunicic is a true inspiration; he has no arms or legs, but makes the most of his life as a brilliant motivational speaker and active sports and fitness enthusiast. Next time you are feeling sorry for yourself after a long day, think of Nick.

VIDEO: Short Ab Workout To Improve Your Core

Posted by: on June, 12 2014

RunnersWorld.com. VIDEO: Short Ab Workout To Improve Your Core