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The Importance Of A Workout Buddy

Posted by: on July, 26 2013

Found on LavaMagazine.com and written by Lava Editors

Part of human nature dictates seeking the companionship of others. It’s an innate, instinctive quality that helps us to feel alive, connected and human. Companionship goes beyond our day-to-day relationships and friendships. ‘Buddying up’ also occurs quite frequently in the realm of fitness. Certainly many workouts and exercise programs only require one person’s effort(s). And for many, exercising solo is just the escape they’re looking for. However, a huge part of the population thrives on fitness being a social event where companionship is key.running partner

Small group training and fitness classes are as popular as ever. Personal trainers wouldn’t have a job, nay career, if people didn’t want to hire someone to talk with and guide them through a workout. People love to have someone to workout with, and frankly, it comes with a ton of benefits. A workout partner instantly transforms an activity that some people may dislike, into something quite a lot more enjoyable. And for those of us who love training and exercising in the first place, having a friend share the experience is just icing on the cake!

Truthfully, there are boundless reasons why a workout/training partner is a positive means of achieving your health and fitness goals. We’re going to explore just three reasons why if you don’t already have one, it’s time to start recruiting your newest BFF at the pool, gym, Whole Foods or other healthy-person hot spots.

Provide Accountability // Motivation :

How many times has your 5:00 a.m. alarm clock gone off with the intent of an early morning workout only to be followed with the ‘snooze’ button again and again? ZERO times if you’re planning on meeting up your friend for an early morning ride. Having a workout partner keeps you completely accountable. Knowing you have to meet someone at a certain place and time keeps you on track and less likely to skip that workout. You want to skip strength training after work and head to happy hour instead? No way! Your workout buddy knows what’s best for the both of you, and seeks to provide you with the motivation you need to get the workout done!

Partner Exercises:

Your workout repertoire and arsenal of exercises is greatly enhanced with a second person. Buddy work done with medicine balls, BOSUs, and boxing equipment is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working out in a pair. Additionally, partner dips, pike/plank {over-unders} and other body weight movements can only be done with the presence of someone else. In other words, work-out time becomes ‘play-time’ and playing is always a lot more FUN than work!

Provides Competition:

Bottom line: people just tend to work harder in head-to-head situations. Even the meek, mild, easy-going individual will find themselves pushing just a little bit harder to keep up or even beat whoever is doing the same job next to them. This goes back to human nature. Even if you swear you don’t have a competitive bone in your body, I would easily disagree. Group and/or partner workouts are a prime example of people instinctively competing with one another. And that’s great! What better way to optimize one’s workout than to push a little bit outside of your comfort zone? That’s how you make strength, endurance and performance gains!

Workout buddies also provide friendship, social time, and ultimately the support you might need to get off your tush and start moving. There is always a time and a place for that long run by yourself. And definitely those workouts have a place in your regimen. However, workout partners can certainly bring much needed happiness and levity to the table. And for many, myself included, they are a vital part of our existence!