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The Benefits Of Bananas For Runners

Posted by: on December, 8 2015

Found on Competitor.com and written by Nicki Miller

Bananas pack a mean punch when it comes to nutrients.

There’s a good reason bananas are found at so many aid stations: They’re a quintessential runner’s fuel.

“Bananas are a quick, convenient, portable snack that are also high in potassium,” says Christopher Mohr, a Louisville, Ky., dietician. “Potassium is an important electrolyte that’s lost in sweat. That being said, sodium is the most abundant electrolyte lost in sweat, so combining a banana with some salted nuts would be perfect.”

Quick Recipe: Banana Bites

Prudence Athearn Levy, a dietitian and nutritionist in Edgartown, Mass., recommends this as a healthy post-run treat you can even bring to a party.bananas

1. Cut bananas on the bias (long diagonal slices).

2. Set up two plates: one with raw cacao powder and one with unsweetened shredded coconut.

3. Roll the sides of bananas in cacao, then dip top in coconut.

Sweet Treats!

Some new products on the market make it easier to bring bananas on a run. Barnana is targeting runners with its dried banana treats, which could easily substitute for chews. In addition to plain, Barnana makes a chocolate-covered version, a bite with coconut and peanut butter covered (my fave!).

Made in Nature has come out with dried sliced organic bananas that are far from the crunchy banana chips you may have tried before—the taste and texture are perfectly sweet, light and chewy.

Facebook Poll: Your Top Five Ways To Go Bananas

#5 Sandwich them

#4 Mix in oatmeal

#3 Top with peanut butter

#2 Simply peel

#1 Add to a smoothie