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The 15 Most Popular Training Articles of 2015

Posted by: on December, 21 2015

As found on Ironman.com

A crowd-sourced list of training articles our readers loved most this year.

We know you don’t have time to sift through all the useful training and nutrition information out there. That’s why we put together this list of the 15 training and lifestyle articles most clicked on by you, the IRONMAN community. training articles 2

So pour a glass of eggnog and brush up on all things triathlon.

1. From the Pros: “The Best and Worst Nutrition Advice I’ve Ever Received”  In the many years they’ve been doing the sport, these professional triathletes have heard it all. Here’s what they’ll never do again.

2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Triathletes – What to cultivate beyond good swim form, bike power, and run mechanics.

3. 11 Traits of Top-Notch Triathletes – If any of these quirks describe you, watch out, there may be a PR in your near future.

4. The Definitive IRONMAN Packing List A handy guide to everything you need for your big day, with bonus race-day tips.

5. IRONMAN 101: 6 Months to Race-Ready – Guess what? Your best race starts now.

6. Breathe Right, Swim Better – On land, breathing is quite natural, even during exercise. But in water it’s a different story.

7. Tri Coach: 9 Ways to Become a Better Cyclist – From cadence to power meters to aero helmets, you’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers.

8. Don’t Fear the Full – Are you an avid IRONMAN 70.3 triathlete but the thought of 140.6 miles makes you shake in your socks? Guess what? You’re already halfway there.

9. 3 Months to Race-Ready – The final 90 days are key to your IRONMAN race preparation. Here’s how to dial them in.

10. My Favorite Workout: Jodie Swallow’s 30-Second Pick-ups – Copy this challenging “off the bike” workout from one of our sport’s hardest-working pros.

11. The Surprisingly Simple Key to Triathlon Success – You know your power and heart-rate zones and have all the newest gear. Here’s a training secret you might be overlooking.

12. 3 Leg Strengthening Bike Intervals for Triathletes – Big gear workouts for that extra edge come race day.

13. 6 Unexpected Perks of Triathlon – Living an active lifestyle offers many perks—beyond fitting into that new pair of jeans.

14. The Case of the Unhealthy Triathlete – You train hard, eat well, and have enough medals to make a knight jealous. But are you functioning at your very best?

15. 5 Time Management Hacks – Get the most out of your multi-sport minutes with these clever tips.

Originally from: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2015/12/most-popular-articles-of-2015.aspx#ixzz3uyI8a3CS