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Surf City Marathon Recap

Posted by: on February, 8 2016

Found on OCRegister and written by Joanna Clay

Huntington Beach – Some of the 16,000 runners at the Surf City marathon on Sunday may have thought their post-race delirium got the best of them.

Matt Damon competed in the day's half marathon event. He paused to take lots of selfies with fans as he waited for his wife.

Matt Damon competed in the day’s half marathon event. He paused to take lots of selfies with fans as he waited for his wife.

But they really did see “The Martian.”

Actor Matt Damon ran the half marathon, then posed for selfies with fans as he waited with some buddies for his wife Luciana Barroso to finish.

“My wife wanted to do it. I’ve been working out of town for the last couple weeks so I was in no position to say no to her,” he said with a laugh. “For not training, I think we did well.

“We broke two hours,” he said, referring to himself and his friends.

Damon said he arrived in Surf City at 2 a.m., coming from the Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles, held Saturday evening. He caught a few hours of shuteye at a hotel before hitting the pavement, he said.

“I was on the fence this morning. I woke up and was like I don’t know (about this),” he said, noting the early hour. “Once I got going, I was ok.”

Race officials said they didn’t have results under Damon’s name. Barroso came in at 2:13:40.

But the real scene stealer was the marathon’s first place winner.

Anthony Fagundes, 26, finished first place with a time of 2:38. It was the Long Beach resident’s first marathon.

He’s been battling a cold this week, not logging his usual 80 miles a week. But it didn’t slow him down enough to keep him from nabbing the top prize.

He normally sings some songs, like Taylor Swift tunes, to himself when he runs.

“I like her older stuff,” he said. “ ‘Sparks Fly’ is my ideal marathon running song.”

But on Sunday it was too painful, and he could feel himself start to fall apart at mile 11. He had severe cramps the last 10 miles or so.

“It kind of consumed my mind,” he said.

Coincidently, his friend Rachel Naranjo, 25, of San Diego, was the first woman to finish the marathon. She had a time of 2:57.

Leading up to Sunday, she logged about nine miles every morning before heading to work at Just Run, a running store in San Diego.

The possibility of a win didn’t hit her until she realized she gained the female lead.

“I just tried to hold the pace,” she said. “I mentally stayed tough.”