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Sean Astin Completes Ironman World Championship

Posted by: on October, 13 2015

Found on people.com and written by Ana Calderone

After four months of training, Sean Astin is now officially the first Ironman from Middle Earth.

The Lord of the Rings star completed the 2015 Ironman World Championship presented by GoPro in Kailua Kona, Hawaii on Saturday. Astin, 44, finished the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride and 26.2-mile marathon run in 15 hours, 30 minutes and 31 seconds. (His individual times: swim 1:45:00; bike 7:11:56; run 6:06:22.)rudy

“It’s official, I am an Ironman. It was a magical day,” he tweeted.

The Rudy star—who can be seen in the NBC Ironman special airing in November—crossed the finish line with his arms in the air as fans chanted “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” His wife Christine and daughters were also there to greet him.

“This is an extraordinary challenge, and I like the idea that I am capable of leading an extraordinary life,” Astin told PEOPLE in August about why he decided to compete in the 140-mile triathlon.

The Goonies star also raised over $25,000 for his charity #Run3rd, which supports running programs for underserved kids.

Although Astin completed 10 marathons and one half Ironman before this race, the actor isn’t about to hang up his running sneakers just yet! He plans to run in the upcoming New York City Marathon on November 1—but not before he gets some much deserved R&R.

“Recovery day…” he tweeted with a poolside photo.