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Scientists Suggest Beer After Your Workout

Posted by: on August, 28 2013

Researchers  at Granada University  in Spain have found that beer can help the body  rehydrate better after a workout than water or  Gatorade.beer

Professor Garzon also claimed  the carbonation   in  beer helps to quench  the  thirst and that its  carbohydrate content   can  help replace lost  calories, The Telegraph  reports.

The   study  involved a group of students who were asked to work out until   their body  temperature   reached 104  degrees. Researchers then gave   beer to half of  the students   and water to  the other half.

Mr.Garzon announced the  results  at a  press conference in Granada saying   the hydration  effect  in those  who drank beer was “slightly  better,”  The  Telegraph reports.

A   cardiologist with the Real  Madrid football team, Dr. Juan Antonio  Corbalan,  told the paper he long  has recommended  barley drinks to  professional  sportsmen after  exhausting   activities.