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Temecula Spandex Stampede

Posted by: on September, 30 2015

Come join us for the first ever Temecula Spandex Stampede Cycling GranFUNdo.  Not your typical fondo as we look to generate an event of good times with some great people.  With the two options of a 100 km & 50 km route through scenic wine country this isn’t your typical death march fondo.  We look […]

Chimera 100K/100 Mile Revenge of the Ultrarunner

Posted by: on December, 20 2011

The Chimera races follow single tracks and Truck Trails in and around the canyons and peaks of the Saddleback Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest. The contest is between the runner and the Mountain… Which is the Chimera and which is the prey will be determined

Long Beach Cyclo-X-Fest Weekend

Posted by: on December, 20 2011

Southern California Cyclocross (known as SoCalCross) was formed in 2006 by a group of cycling clubs eager to grow the sport and motivated to become the premier cyclocross race series in Southern California and nationwide! Since then the Series has grown 500%, boasts over 100 races to date from San Diego to San Luis Obispo

Coachella Cycle Fest

Posted by: on December, 20 2011

This event has been designed for you, the cyclist. This is an end-of-the-season celebration. There will be a Cyclocross and Relay Race held on Friday and a Century, Metric Century and 20 Mile Ride held on Saturday. All rides wind through the scenic Coachella Valley where the average October temperatures reach a high of 90¬∞ […]