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Force Of Nature – SoCal

Posted by: on January, 20 2015

An epic adventure challenge unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Take on the most powerful forces of nature in the world’s first and only epic multi-sport challenge designed by legendary outdoorsman Laird Hamilton. The Force of Nature Mind Body Challenge is about more than brute strength or getting muddy. It’s the only outdoor event course that aims […]

Runner Cross

Posted by: on February, 6 2012

This intense competition over rugged terrain will be sure to serve up some of the most exciting racing of the year. StarWest MX Park is already a great track. We’re making a few changes and making it the perfect course for you and thousands of other runners. Obstacles you’ve always dreamed about getting to jump, […]

Big Rock Triathlon

Posted by: on December, 20 2011

The Big Rock Triathlon is staged in an area that is only a short drive from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. It is also close to the Ontario Airport for those athletes traveling from Northern California or other states and countries. The course will Be flat and fast with a calm lake swim, […]