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Review of Xterra Trail Run Series – Boney Point by vhomyak

Posted by: on April, 27 2012

This is by far the hardest trail race I’ve ever done! In the So Cal Xterra Series this is the second hardest course, but as with all Xterra courses you can’t beat the scenery. It started off a bit chilly in the morning. Lots of runners were layered up I chose to go with a tank top and shorts which would prove a great decision later in the day.Checking in was very efficient, you do get a t-shirt but it had the topography on the back of it! The trail starts of pretty wide for the first mile which helps avoid any bottle necking. Off in the distance you can see Boney Mt but you almost wonder how high up you’ll get. I checked my Timex GPS planning my speed with the upcoming hills. The first climb is gradual but this is Xterra after all you know something far challenging lies ahead.The climb that starts at mile 7 is well HELL. You know you’ve got 3 miles to the top of this hill and its almost strait up. Alongside the trail I saw the search and rescue teams aiding runners for various reasons. What I appreciate is that the have these crews out there in case something happens. You see them in the morning and hope to never see them but it’s nice knowing out in the middle of a mountain terrain there’s a crew to help you. After mile 10 you got a brief break before a last small climb.From then on you could fly down hill the creek crossing was shallow enough to run through without getting too wet. The final bump was a short incline before you could see the large meadow heading back towards the finish line. This race is very challenging and looking back at it, it was the highlight of my longer trail runs thus far. If you like a challenge with a lot of climbing this race is for you