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Review of Wounded Warrior Half Marathon by Gregg Condon

Posted by: on January, 8 2013

I had only found out about this race 2 days before it took place but since I had recently run the Disneyland Half Marathon I wasn’t worried about training.
Registration was easy although I felt bad for those that pre-registered since they had to wait in the same line as those of us who were registering that day.
Pre Race was fine, a bit of a walk from the parking lot to the start but it served as a nice warm-up. Unfortunately the race started a bit late and since the weather was much hotter than it normally is that time of the year next to the ocean the organizers should have made sure they had an on-time start.
The Course was great, getting to run around the base, all of the military families, the group doing PT and cadence was truly a treat. I stuck with them most of the race until about mile 8 when they stopped to do calisthenics
Post Race was also ok although I didn’t realize they had free food until days afterwards when I saw a review online. I’m sure if I’d registered sooner I would have known about all of that.
I will certainly be doing the race again this year.