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Review of World Famous Mud Run by Rhonda Schmid Williams

Posted by: on June, 3 2012

Registration was hectic—there was a glitch New Year’s Eve at Midnight with getting through registration via the Mud Run website, but I finally figured out by going direct through Avtive.com it worked so I was able to register once I got through that glitch. Packet pick up was fairly easy, just go to Del Mar Beach on base and they get you in and out quick. Parking at the venue was easy-we showed up very early and had 3 hours to spare because we got parking right away, the shuttle right away and right into the start area with no trouble at all. There is all kinds of stuff going on before and after the race. Gear check was very simple and organized and safe! The course was fun, but not as muddy or as many obstacles as i thought. The level of the lake was very low due to seasonal dredging, so it was a giant mud puddle instead of a lake crossing. I ended up with a cup of sand in each shoe that made it hard to straighten my toes at the end, but you don’t want to take your shoes off or they would never go back on. The finish was where we were disappointed. My team was a mixed/co-ed team; we were in the 4th wave as we were supposed to be; we passed up EVERY co-ed team out there, but did not get the wine due to teams starting in the wave before us, so they get a 10 minute time credit in their favor. i recommend the Mud Run race directors make the co-ed bibs a different color and or chip the team captain to get accurate results. We had another team seek us out because they were in disbelief that we did not win that category, they knew we passed everyone, so did we.
The pst race party was fun—good food choices, great music at the Classic Rock fest, good beer options and lots of things to do. this is a must do race!