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Review of World Famous Mud Run by Jim Wenzell

Posted by: on June, 4 2012

I give it a B+. It was a fun experience. As far as just pure fun in the mud, the run at Cuyamaca is way more fun. This was a 10K (with lots of hills) that had a few obstacles in the last two miles. I registered well in advance with no problem. I didn’t go to get my race number until the morning of the race. Traffic was simple getting in and out. We drove and parked maybe a half mile from the start/finish/expo and took the little tram to the start. I walked right up to registration and had my number within a minute. Bag check is great and very organized. The pre- and post-race atmosphere is great. There is a lot to do for both kids and adults. The run itself was a little frustrating because so many people were walking and blocking the path. They should tell people at the start to get to the right if they are going to walk. There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking (I had to walk Slippery Hill), but just be considerate of others. Overall, it was a really fun experience. It was one of the better organized events I’ve been to and it was easily the best race-day expo I’ve seen. I definitely recommend it.