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Review of World Famous Mud Run by eddied26.2

Posted by: on April, 4 2012

I ran the World Famous Mud Run several years ago when I was still enlisted in the Marine Corps. It was a fantastic race! The mix of Military and Civilian personnel for this race was fun. Even though this is a Marine Base all Branches were well represented! There were lots of teams in costumes but not everyone went that route. Many of the more “experienced” mun runners could be seen duct tapping their shoes to their ankles (to avoid losing them along the course!) I was a member of a 4 man Marine Squad and we ran the race Boots and Utilities This is not easy but it definitely worthwhile for the experience and bragging rights!! The course had many crazy obstacles including Mud Rivers, Crawling under barbed wire, and scaling a wall inside of a good ol fashioned mud pit!! One thing I liked about this race is there were a lot of camaraderie! You are only as fast as your slowest man and my team wasn’t in the running to place, so we decided to help other participants scale the wall for a little while! At one point there was a mud fight involved too!

Honestly everyone should experience a Mud Run at least once in their life and this one is arguably the best around! Camp Pendleton and the US Marines are great hosts whether you are a military member or a civilian. There was plenty of parking and lots of photo opportunities that didn’t involve brightroom or marathonphoto. There were plenty of refreshment and entertainment after the race as well. I would recommend this race for anyone, even if you don’t consider yourself a “runner” Although there is a solo option, I would recommend the team option for a first timer as it definitely adds more fun to the experience!