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Review of Winter Solstice Christmas Tree Run by gavini

Posted by: on February, 27 2012

same people that do the summer solstice run except this is on a weekend not the evening and instead of a watermelon, you get a christmas tree, i was very happy with the tree too. you might expect something tiny but this was a good 6 ft or more tree and was definately nicer than the one we would have spent an hour picking out at home depot. all that for one entry fee.

beware the $7 parking fee to get in to el dorado park. You can park a short jog (less than half a mile) away if you go on wardlow in either direction (i think to the west is closer) and park in the neighborhood. BUT then that creates a challenge getting your tree home so suck it up and pay the parking fee (it supports this great park)

course loops around the park which is flat and fast, good bird watching too.