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Review of Wet n Wild 5K by Whitney Shepherd

Posted by: on June, 26 2012

Could you have had less bathrooms. We used the mens room (women) and was still ten mins late for start and got in line for the ladies room with twenty mins to spare! Could your bib and tee area have been less organized and smaller?!?!?! UGH that was the worst morning of expo ever. (big parking lot fifteen feet away didn’t it occur to anyone to use that? And what did you do to the shirts they smell something awful (not just mine there were five of us they all smell and it doesn’t wash out)

Race was awesome! Lots of encouragement on the course. Loved that it went through the park wish it had a bit more of Soak City but was good.

Post race was also very cramped and you took out about 20 tables and chairs for runners to rest on WHY block off that? and the exit oh my! single file?

I will run it one more year and see if you took any of these concerns seriously. But if you have issues with crowded spaces and disorganization stay away from this race because the people who set up pre and post had no clue