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Review of Verdugo Mountains 10K by Geococcyx

Posted by: on September, 16 2012

I love this 10K. Straight uphill at a consistent 9% grade for the first half, only to turn around and fly downhill for the second half, all of it on fireroads through the scenic Verdugo mountains. The uphill is really tough, so a lot of participants walk it; it can be easy to get stuck behind walkers if you want to run, so if that will frustrate you, start toward the front. The downhill is steep and rocky and you will meet people going the other way, and it’s easy to take a spill. This is a far cry from your average road 10K, which is what makes it great.

The start/finish is at Brand Park, where there is free parking if you arrive earlier (otherwise I think you park on the streets just outside the park). Packet pickup is right by the parking lot, so you can drop off your shirt at your car before the race. After the race is a pretty decent little expo for a trail 10K. This year they advertised food trucks, but after we waited for slower friends to finish the race, we found that most of the food was gone. Still a great day, though, and I’ll be back.