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Review of Urban Warrior Dash by

Posted by: on March, 4 2013

C for Pre-race: This would’ve been higher, but volunteers from packet pick-up & follow up from staff gets a C overall. After my packet pick-up, I realized I didn’t recieve a shirt. I notified the staff from their FB page and was assured I’d get a t-shirt if I returned w/ my packet. I did the next day and left w/o a shirt. I later read participants would get their shirts after the finish line. Per the website, under Picking up a Friend’s Swag: “You may pick up the participant t-shirt, race bib, and chip.” Conflicting info from the website to their volunteers, but it’s their first event. I’m sure this’ll improve over time.

Another reason for C was the follow up from staff. An email w/ links allowing auto posts while racing was sent. I recieved confirmation from FB after registering. Twitter’s link was invalid and they were notified. I was told they were working on it and would get back to me. That didn’t happen. Also, there weren’t any posts to my FB wall while racing. If they decided to do away w/ the links/autoposts entirely, an email to participants would’ve sufficed.

A for Course: Okay, so it wasn’t 5 miles. The course was awesome & challenging combined. Obstacles were subject to change, so I kept it mind. I didn’t see cars (for Impound), but halfway through the course, the cars were a distant memory. Aid stations were well manned & volunteers kept the motivation strong. Petco Quad Killer was the best & Daily Grind was the hardest. I had an idea after watching the 1st wave, but quickly changed my strategy. I got over!

A for Post-race: I earned the medal and shirt! Volunteers were in full support, passing out medals and guiding us for t-shirt pick-up. The expo was rocking…lots of vendors and food carts, too.

B+ for Overall: Put aside the registration & follow through hiccups & you have a GREAT race. I like the Urban theme. If you’re looking for mud or water, register for another race. A giant adult playground w/ obstacles in your city…that’s Urban to me. Parking across the street for $10. I bet that’s a lot cheaper than other parking lots (downtown) would offer. Crowd support was on high for the last two obstacles and I’d do this again next year. Make it twice a year, if you can RD’s!