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Review of Urban Warrior Dash by

Posted by: on March, 4 2013

Pre-race = B: The only problem I had was picking up my race t-shirt. The shirts weren’t available and they said that I can get one on the day of the race. Not a big deal but I was expecting to pick up a shirt along w/ my bib and timing chip since their website said so. “You may pick up the participant t-shirt, race bib, and chip. Medals will not be released”.

Course = D: If you advertise 5 miles then you better be sure the course is at a very minimum 5 miles. This course was 3.75 miles long. So I felt I got ripped off. Wouldn’t you be mad of you signed up for a 1/2 Marathon but found out the course was only 10 miles?

The obstacles were poorly assembled/built. Most of the wood obstacles just didn’t feel safe and I almost fell on the Road Block (wood walls) because they were shaking so much.

Post-Race = B: Water station but no bananas. I think they’ve had bananas at every Obstacle Course race that I’ve ran ever except for this one. Also, they didn’t have any womens size shirts on hand so my niece got a S in mens.

Overall = C: I would do the Urban Warrior Dash if I had a free or heavily discounted entry.