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Review of Tri Rock Triathlon Series by RaceGrader

Posted by: on September, 10 2012

First, I think Tri Rock did a great job of listening to people’s complaints from last year and made and effort to improve the event (Including to have the OLY distance racers first). PRE RACE: This is the second time I’ve done this race and I have never had to wait in line. The expo was well organized with great volunteers. COURSE: I give it a “B” even though it was a big improvement from last year. First, they need to do a better job with marking the swim course. Or explaining the turns. There was a lot of confusion before the event and even in the water on the turns for OLY distance swimmers. I think it’s a bit confusing because of the sprint and olympic distance sharing the same swim area. The major confusion was after the last turn around the orange buoy. Did you still have to keep the sprint buoys on your left(yellow) or could you go straight to the steps? I thought the OLY swimmers only had to worry about the big orange turns? Even now, I’m not too sure…Also, it was a “rush” between waves. After wave 1 went out they waited 2-3 minutes before allowing our wave to enter the water(which is not real close to the starting line). There was no time to make adjustments to goggles, get comfortable with the water, etc.. T1 was great. Love grass transition areas! The bike was an improvement over last year but still had a few too many turns and bumpy roads. I’m also not a big fan of doing 3 loops. But it was well marked and great volunteers keeping pedestrians off the road and warning you about upcoming turns and bumps. The RUN was 2 loops. Kind of a strange course because of the “mini loops” in the peninsula area. So you really ran the peninsula 4 times. But it was still an improvement over last years course. Pedestrians were still a problem, but most of them seemed courteous and stayed on the side of the path to allow the runners to get by. The bands on the course were awesome. Especially the “Ramones” cover band at the end. Def. gave me a “pump” to finish strong. There was adequate support on the course. Seemed like you had plenty of opportunity to grab water. POST RACE: I’m not sure you could do it any better. Great atmosphere, beer garden, breakfast, and a huge stage with the Red “NOT” Chili Peppers playing. It was great to hang around and soak it all in. OVERALL: This is one of my favorite races. Great location, well organized, and cool atmosphere. I also liked that they acknowledged issues from last year and tried to improve on the event. If you don’t live in San Diego, put this one on your schedule as a “destination race”. Make a weekend out of it with all the great hotels in the area. Fast, flat course and great for spectators with all the loops. Your family/friends can see you racing 3-4 times!