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Review of Tough Mudder by ctljason

Posted by: on April, 24 2012

Tough Mudder doesn’t just push the envelope, they bulldoze it. The tough Mudder in Temecula was an awesome experience. Upon arrival you parked in a huge field and took a short five minute bus ride to the starting area. The line for the busses got pretty long, pretty quickly, but there were five busses running so it wasn’t too bad. Tough Mudder does a great job with check in because they have several tables broken up by not only name but also separating runners from spectators ( yes, even spectators sign a death waiver). Bag check was easy, they had at least 30 volunteers working in a covered tent. Several vendors were set up before the race getting people pumped up including the marines and even barbers if you wanted to go hardcore and get a Mohawk or mullet. The hype man at the start line said this was the hardest event that Tough Mudder HQ had yet set up. not only the distances, but also adding live electrical wires to two additional obstacles. This is definitely not a race work the weak of heart, literally. The great part of tough Mudder is the fact tough Mudder is not a race, but a challenge. The emphasis is on team work and comrodery. All along the route the people around you are cheering and encouraging you along, both spectators and other mudders. The true and final test comes at the end when you face electroshock therapy, running through live electrical wires carrying 10,000 volts with hay bales in the way so you can’t crawl underneath. A beer a t-shirt and a head band may seem like small things, but they are coveted achievements of something bigger than yourself. The after party that follows tough mudder is great. Beer, live bands, food, vendors giving away free samples, and getting to talk to the people you saw running with you sharing stories of the course is awesome. You don’t even notice the wait for the bus ride back to your car because you feel like you can do anything and beat any challenge. Tough mudder is not just an event, but a way of life.