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Review of Tinkerbell Half Marathon by Jimmy Nguyen

Posted by: on January, 21 2013

Nobody does it like Disney! This is my 4th half marathon, and 2nd RunDisney event (so yes.. it’s an even half Disney and half non Disney.. )

Organization of this race versus the DL Half is much different, and seemed more busy actually, but it’s less than the Fall DL half. This year had just under 12,000 people running.

Support provided by the park, the resort, the city of Anaheim’s local residents and Orange County’s high schools’ bands, cheerleaders and volunteers are all simply amazing. You can’t get this kind of support at any other race.

Course ran north and south through downtown Anaheim and the neighboring streets, it was quaint and pleasant. This route was definitely a lot more… “pretty” than that of the September Half. You gotta remember that the Tink half is catered to women, as it’s the west coast “equivalent” to the WDW Princess Half. Car clubs don’t appeal to women, nor do bands playing rock music. We’re talking about a generalization of course, and naturally Disney would want something more.. soft. Going through Downtown anaheim and around the public library, the central library, the muzeo, the historic buildings and such was nice, and the route was pleasant too. Since it ran north and south, you had very little sun exposure, but since this weekend was incredibly hot/sunny fast, it did get a little intense around 9am.

Just to compare, the DL Half in September isn’t catered strictly for either gender, so making it run east/west (FACING the sun, anyone? or would you rather have the sun BEAT DOWN on your back instead? yeah I didn’t think the answer would be yes to either of those)

I like the Tinker Bell (by the way, did you know that is her actual name? First name Tinker, Last name Bell! I didn’t know either until the day of, which is why her name is on the medal as Tinker Bell and not Tinkerbell. ) Half. It was a nice and pleasant run. The abundance of fairy wings, tutus and sparkle skirts (on both women AND men!) were really cute. The absence of Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Chip & Dale remind you that this is supposed to be a Women’s race, which explains why Minnie & Daisy are at at the starting line, with Clarabelle, and that other female chipmunk in ToonTown.

Be that as it may, of course the Peter Pan theme was all over the place, with pirates galore lookin to “take your shiny necklace” and since I ran through in a green loose shirt with a Peter Pan hat & feather.. the pirates “picked on me” a lot. LOL. it was quite fun for my friends and myself to experience/witness that.