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Review of Tinkerbell Half Marathon by brookins88

Posted by: on February, 26 2012

Disney races, while ridiculously pricey, are worth every penny on race day. Extremely well run and well supported, the inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon was no exception!

Disney knows how to manage huge crowds, move them where they need to go in a very organized manner, and get everyone safely from point A to point B with as little difficulty as possible. This is across the board, from packet pick-up to the expo to the corrals to the race. Smooth, easy, even in spite of the massive crowds.

The coral management was the best I’ve ever seen, even at a Disney race, and the route was great. No long boring stretches, great cheers, music and support along the entire route. My only issue was that there were not nearly enough porta-potties/bathrooms along the route, especially considering it was a women’s race. (This is the sole reason for my B rating.) I held out til mile 9, and there was still a 15 minute line at the porta potties, which was the shortest so far on the route. Post race was also very well managed, right into the chute with multiple queues for your finish line photo, medal collection and post-race snacks.

Aside from the mechanics of the race, there are great photo ops, terrific volunteers and all of the amazing Disney staff out on the course that make the event fun and exciting. Running behind the scenes at Disneyland is one of my favorite parts, seeing inside the beast so to speak is a special treat. If you’re a fast runner, you can stop multiple places along the course and have your picture taken with Pirates, Darth Vader, Woody and Buzz, Tinkerbell and many others. So great!

I’d recommend any Disney race for beginner or jaded old-timer alike….you just can’t miss. Highly recommend!