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Review of Tinkerbell Half Marathon by

Posted by: on January, 20 2014

This is the best Run Disney Race I have done so far. My first one was Disneyland’s Half Marathon in 2012 and this race left it in the dust. I don’t know if it was because this was my 7th half marathon I’ve ran. It was easy to drop off my bag before and pick up after the race. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging. This year I did feel that a few places could have been better lighting since we did start running at 5 am and the sun doesn’t come out till 6:30 or so. It was cool seeing the lights on on the Castle, Small World and the World of Color going during our run. This shows how dark it was. “:O) The Cast members were very helpful and cheered us on as we ran by. Many of them were doing hi five’s with Mickey hands. Got to see a lot of behind the scenes area’s. It’s funny how you notice all the hills Disneyland has when you are running through it vs. when you are there visiting the park. I want to thank all the volunteers and the cast members who got up early to help with this race and make it a fun run for me. Even though I didn’t PR in this race, I did have a blast getting pictures taken with Disney Characters, horses and train of Disney. Thanks Cast Members for taking my photos with my cell phone during the race. So far, this is my favorite Half Marathon I have run so far. Next month that might change when I run the Princess Half in FL at WDW. I would do this race again.