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Review of The Neon Run – San Diego by

Posted by: on April, 14 2013

I am writing in regards to last nights Neon Run (4/13/13) in San Diego, Ca. I have many complaints, the first being that the” 5k” that some people paid a lot of money for( $22-60), was not a 5K at all. They promise and advertise that the run is a 3.1 mile run, when it is a horrible 2 mile loop around a parking lot. Secondly, there was a planned ” party” at the end of the run…. 3 food trucks, 3 booths, horrid go go dancers and no beer (the least of the worries, but was originally promised), is hardly constituted as a good time for 20 people, let alone the 10,000 supposed runners there last night. I was extremely disappointed with this run. I do not recommend it for anyone …. Not worth the money or the time.