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Review of The Neon Run – San Diego by

Posted by: on April, 15 2013

I ran this with my husband and my two tweens (9 and 11). After reading all the post-race reviews by the Phoenix runners, we were terrified that we’d have an awful time. Honestly, the race was everything the organizer’s said it would be. It lacked the finesse and genius of the Electric Run. It lacked the magnitude of the Color Run and the Color Me Rad. BUT, the glow paint worked under the black lights. There were 5 separate tents of lights and sound. The course, despite being in the very hazardous QualComm parking lot, was well marked and well lit without interfering with our glow bracelets/necklaces/belts. There was water on the course and post-race. The enthusiasm from the spectators (HEY GUYS WITH THE GIANT INFLATABLE SHARK YOU MADE OUR NIGHT!) was what I expect from San Diego runners. My children LOVED the experience. The post-race DJ party was rockin’ but we left right after our post-race pic because as my daughter said “I’m cold, I’m tired and I’m hungry Mommy”. But they had a blast. We’d run it again. I hope the race organizers continue to grow the race as I’ve watched the Color Run do.
Pre-race: Packet pick up was a breeze. In and out of Sports Authority in minutes. The cotton shirts were great and we chose to wear them that night. The COLOR stays!!! (One benefit OVER the Color Run) FOOD TRUCKS at the pre-race was a good choice! I wish I had known, we would have eaten there.
Course: Could have been AWFUL, but they did a good job of avoiding the majority of the bad parts of the parking lot, and left enough lights on to be safe. There were 5 color/party tents on the course. And the volunteers enthusiasm was awesome
Post-Race: I wish I could have stayed and partied with the SHark dudes! Who needs beer? Not San Diegans!
Overall: I had a good time, was happy to have a colorful souvenier of a tshirt and I wish the organizers the best of luck!