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Review of The Neon Run – San Diego by

Posted by: on April, 15 2013

The only good thing about this run was that you didn’t have to pay for parking, and the volunteers were happy and encouraging. Other than that it was extremely disappointing. The run was maybe 2 miles, not 3.1. The run went through the parking lot with six 20ft long tents with black lights to run through. The music from the DJ wasn’t set up through the entire run, there were only speakers at the tents. The after “party” was no party at all. Not enough food trucks. The dance area was right next to the start, so there was no separating the two which killed the vibe. Beer should not be necessary for a race, and I understand wanting to have a family atmosphere, but the neon run really needed, an at least segregated, beer garden. The whole experience didn’t come anywhere close to what was promised on the website. I won’t recommend it to anyone.