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Review of The Color Run – Irvine by

Posted by: on January, 10 2014

It’s hard to review smaller races when you’ve done bigger, more complex races. For what this race is geared for, it’s perfect. The race had tons of positive energy. Lots of family, and fitness of all levels. Baby strollers, everything. What I loved most was the music by every color station.

As for the course, it was very flat, kind of boring. I think this might be fun if you hit up happy hour prior to it? At 7am? Maybe not. I believe there was 5 color stations you ran through. You receive one packet of color for the end of the race but a lot of people used it at the start of the race to get all colored out. But you can purchase more before and after the start. I purchased more just because I loved having pink hair.

I also meant to add, this race is labeled as scenic? The El Toro Marine Base isn’t exactly scenic. The views of the race is flat roads, and old buildings.

Post Race: Lots of great music. Zumba, if you’re into that ridiculousness.

Overall: I felt this was geared more towards family racing. It very easy, and very laid back.