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Review of The Color Run by Jessica Walsh

Posted by: on April, 26 2012

Pre-Race: The day of, getting into the race parking area was a bit short of a nightmare. While it was fun to honk at fellow racers and we made the best, expect to be in a car que for an hour plus. They really should have had two directions going to park cars. People were salty as well cutting off etc. Not the CR’s fault though.
Course: They course was great. and easy jog for the first timers in our group! The color zones were well marked – a word of advice, try running towards the center of the zones, then you get more of that fun splotchy color. If you run on the sides (high color) for all the zones its more loose color… I recommend 2 loose one splotchy for the best effect. Packet pickup day of was a breeze! Bought some merch, another breeze, and lined up. Waiting in line is the WORST, however the announcers were spot on on playing fun music, shooting out swag and keeping the vibe happy.
Post-race was great, the color plume was really a once in a life time experience. There were a few venders around so we had slur-pees, fuze waters, etc.

Overall this is the most fun race you will ever do. No expectations or egos, no one is trying to pace you or race you, everyone is just there to have a great time. One of the best parts was how everyone was there for fun. Purple at this particular race was hard to come by, but those with purple packets were willing to toss some out way to complete our rainbow spectrums. So awesome, sign up, seriously. Oh, and get a team together, you save a few bucks, and, well, its more fun in a group 🙂