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Review of The Color Run by hippofairy

Posted by: on April, 23 2012

the most fun you’ll have while get a good workout!

who knew that exercising could be so fun and artistic! using your whole body as a canvas you run the 5K and finish a colorful masterpiece! each kilometer has a different color station (yellow, green, blue, pink) where you get blasted with colored powder that sticks to everything! your hair, skin, clothes, and shoes will be a mish-mash of color! when you finally cross the finishline, you’re a beautiful mess!

it was simply hilarious! if you like to get dirty, sweaty and have fun doing it, then this is definitely the event for you!

registration: online registration was quick and easy. updates for the event were sent via email.
packet pick-up: i went on Thursday after work (about 5:30 pm) and it wasn’t too crowded yet. parking at the running store was difficult, but once you got a stall and into the store, it was very organized.

race day: the organizers were wonderful. there was lots of free parking and bathrooms were clean. the course was flat and not exactly 5K (my iPhone tracked it at 2.75 miles total). Activate and Fuse were passing out free drinks. there was some kind of slushee drink too. of course there was a lot of water and granola bars available.
all the volunteers were very friendly, helpful and happy to be there.

after the race, there’s a Color Throw, where runners get together and throw their color packets (everybody gets a baggie with their packet/bib). it makes a giant cloud of color! there’s a Color Throw every 15 minutes so you don’t have to worry about missing it.

two start times were available for this day: 9:00 and 12:00. my race started at noon. it wasn’t too hot out, but the water stations were well stocked and very nicely organized.

when you’re ready to leave, you can get cleaned up at the cleaning station where they blast you with an air blower and most of the color gets blown away. the parts of you that got wet/sweaty sticks, so you’ll have to wash off in the bathroom. but it’s kinda fun to walk around the rest of the day with extra color and see the funny looks you get. (99% of the color will wash out when you take a shower. i still have a bit of green stuck to me after one washing)

i left feeling like i got a good work out (i ran the whole way except to stop to take pictures) and had a wonderful time. when was the last time you smiled the whole time you were exercising?