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Review of That Dam Mud Run by frazledmom5

Posted by: on October, 15 2012

I liked the fact that I could have my bib mailed to me for $11. That is cheaper than if I would have had to drive in for it. I was impressed that they had plenty of porta potties. but those seem to be the highlights of the day.

I’m confused about the wave assignments. Previous obstacle run I’ve done offered an “elite” wave for runners who ran an 8 minute mile or under, then the other waves went by estimated finish times. I’m a competitive runner and was assigned to wave 19….not to be rude, but those people that were 100+ lbs over weight and started in the 1st waves probably should have started farther back.

I was expecting more from the obstacles….the biggest obstacle was actually getting onto them.. Starting at the back, with the slower runners in front, there were HUGE lines at the obstacles.
The website advertised awards “3 deep for age groups”. I ASSUMED this meant awards woud be given out after the timed races were finished. WRONG…after waiting a few hours, I finally asked ans was told that they would not be giving out awards that day, they would be mailed. Seriously?!?! You couldn’t have mentioned this? I’ve heard that one before, so I won’t hold my breath or go running to check the mailbox….from past experience, if awards aren’t given that day, they won’t be given out at all. Disappointing to say the least.