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Review of That Dam Mud Run by 4handfuls

Posted by: on October, 15 2012

I expected more from the course from the same company that puts on Irvine Lake Mud Run. The course was scenic, but obstacles were lacking in difficulty and variety. We did not even see mud until after the first mile and then the first mud pit was a joke, just wet dirt. It’s great that they stagger the waves but the build up was already awful by the first 10ft wall.
It was easy to pick up our bibs/shirts and to check bags. But the fee was outrageous! Picking up your bib number should be a part of your registration fee. By charging so much for bib/shirt pick up you really discourage anyone coming from out of the area.
I appreciated the large amount of volunteers at the event. There was a lack of vendors and it didn’t encourage us to stick around after the race.