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Review of Temecula Half Marathon & 5K by Amanda Daley

Posted by: on November, 4 2012

If you are looking for an easy half marathon, this is NOT it. If you are looking for breathtaking views and a gorgeous scenery run this IS it! WOW

PreRace: Bib pickup was easy and quick the morning of the race. I got there one hour before the race started and parked about 200 yards away from the start line. I made my way through the 2 person check in line. The only downfall was the portopotty line was out of control they only had about 8 and needed at least triple the amount. I know quite a few missed the start because of this.

Course: HILLS like crazy. If you are not going up you are going down. It was a very challenging run but left me on a complete high. Water and ultima were at each water station spaced about 2.5 miles apart.
Usually I shy away from courses like this because of the hills. Its nice to not always go for a PR and try new and challenging things. Yes, It was hard, but the views through the vineyards were absolutely breathtaking! (Think ripe vineyards and hot air balloons rising over the crests!) Running through the hills of temecula is hands down way better than any street/city views in my opinion. Im so happy I got the chance to try this race out.

After: Plenty of water and snacks, beautiful recycled finishers medal and for an additional $10 you got a logo wine glass with wine samples. WIN. Wine and running??? sign me up!! I will be back next year to tackle the hills again. PERFECT amount of runners! I think I am falling in love with these smaller type runs. They really cater to us and who wouldn’t love that! Try out the temecula half marathon next year you will be glad you gave yourself the challenge!