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Review of Tacos & Beer 5K by

Posted by: on May, 5 2013

This race was advertised as having an early wave start, with chip timing for an additional fee. There was a late start wave that was more of a “fun run”, anything goes. When I showed up for bib pick up, 45 minutes before the race started, they had no goody bags, and no tee shirts. We were told they were at the finish. No big. I grabbed my bib finally (I was told to form a line for cell phone confirmation by one man, who had some young girl behind him trying to tell us there was no third line) and headed out to the field. I was surprised to see only 3 porta potties and one taco truck. I got in the line for the bathroom, warmed up, and hung out for awhile. At 8:55 A.M. the start line wasn’t even set up. We got an announcement we were going to wait a few minutes. Then a few minutes more. Then a few minutes longer. By almost 10AM the crowd was only getting bigger, and this course is on a trail intended for a GOLF CART. By this time I had to use the restroom again, and I said screw it and I left and went to my car. I ended up at the gym running my own 5K on the treadmill. Should have saved the time/gas/energy! Looks like the people who stuck around for the madness experienced excessive lines (40 minutes in line for a post-race taco?!). Never racing a “small” race like this again that isn’t put on a by a real racing company!