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Review of Tacos & Beer 5K by

Posted by: on May, 6 2013

Like others said, I hate to write such a horrible review. I just feel like some of the errors made for this race were inexcusable .

Pre Race: We got there very early since we saw ahead of time that there was very little parking at the event. When I went to check in they were very unorganized. This is expected since this is there first event. We were given a neat reusable bag with the Tacos&Beer 5k logo on it, which was cool. Inside was the shirt. Out of all the things that I had a problem with this was the worst. I love that they honored Boston on the back of the shirt, but why on earth did they think it was ok to put a restaurants logo above it with a skull. It didn’t look right and I heard a lot of people saying how disrespectful that was.
The race was started 30 minutes late. Right before we took off my parents, who were spectating, noticed 20+ golf balls ON the course right from the start line. They ran out on the course picked these up before the race started. This could have led to many people twisting their ankles.

Course: The course was changed from what they had on their website. I saw that it was a “trail run” on their site and I thought that would be cool. The course bottle necked right off the bat causing everyone to walk for the first .25 miles. It also did this several times through out the course. The “trail” wasn’t in the best condition. If they do this again I do NOT recommend bringing strollers even though they said it was a stroller friendly course. I saw a lot of people struggling with their strollers.
The course was short by .35 miles. Someone should have walked the course before hand and pushed back the water station to make it 3.1 miles.

Post Race: GREAT medal! I loved that it was a bottle opener. This was by far the best thing about this race. The lines for the beer when I got there were not intolerable. Bud Light Lime was not my preference in beer, but it was the only “free” beer. The others that they had on tap cost extra. The taco line had at least a couple hundred people in it and I was not about to wait in line for 1 taco.

I understand this was their first race and I can’t imagine how hard it is to set up an event like this. The medal was awesome and the even was below par.