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Review of Tacos & Beer 5K by

Posted by: on May, 6 2013

Wow, where to begin. It was marketed as a 5k fun run or whatever but running was the last component they thought of in my opinion. I arrived early, got my bib and t-shirt, no more mediums they said, commenting that “the guy with the mediums hasn’t shown up yet”. People milled around the driving range for awhile, close to 9a.m. when the race was to begin they had a man on the mic trying to stir up some psuedo-energy but most people weren’t having it. We got to the start line at 9 only to be told there were literally 100’s of people still registering. I looked to verify this for myself, um, I counted about 5 people getting their bibs still. The organizers at this moment were still fencing off the course so I guess they needed reasons to delay. Finally, mercifully at 9:30 they let us run and for this I was not prepared. The course was just a dirt track, full of potholes, too small for two people, barking dogs, tire ruts, mud, hay, rocks, you name it. My running shoes are still filthy. It was not advertised as a trail run but it was exclusively a trail run. I feel worst for those who this was their first 5k. Most of them couldn’t run in these conditions and gave up and walked. The only plus was a medal but I can’t even celebrate in that, who cares. What a crummy race, crummy course, and the worst race organization I’ve ever witnessed.