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Review of Tacos & Beer 5K by

Posted by: on May, 6 2013

I hate to write negative review, but for this one I can’t resist.

1. Pre-race: Check in was horrible. No t-shirts, no signs indicating where to check in, no bags, volunteers who didn’t know anything. First we were told the t-shirts would be given to us at the end of the race, then another person said they didn’t know anything about the t-shirts. We were given numbered bibs but I don’t know why – they were handed out randomly and not compared with any list. We were never directed to sign our name on any list or anything at all! They also did not have safety pins for their bibs. We didn’t do the Zumba warmup class, but it wouldn’t have made a difference since the race started very late.

2. Race course was not as advertised. On their website, the course is clearly going AROUND the golf course. We still have not received an explanation of why the course changed but it was changed to a horse trail – full of deep muddy tractor tracks, broken bottles, thigh-high weeds, rocks, litter, old tires and a very narrow path. I understand that it was a trail run but still feel they should’ve cleared some of the debris.

3. Post race: One taco truck is not acceptable for the amount of people here. I heard it was over a 45 minute wait. The beer line was long as well but at least there were 2 lines for that. All they had was Bud Lite (yuk) but for free beer I’m not expecting much. Again, there were no signs telling you anything. Some of vendor booths were still not set up at the end of the race. There was supposed to be entertainment but there was only a DJ playing and the announcer still announcing runners coming in. Other than waiting in line for getting your picture taken or for your taco & beer, there was literally nothing to do after the race.

Overall: this gets an F. Even the cool medal is not enough to have me come back.
The cute concept of a free taco & beer on Cinco De Mayo weekend is convinced me to pay the high price ($50) for a 5K. Pity it was poorly organized.