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Review of Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon by katieshannon

Posted by: on February, 4 2013

This was my 4th half marathon, but my first of the beach city challenges. The expo and packet pick up weren’t too bad other than we had to pay 10 dollars for parking and walk a good distance to get to the expo. the expo itself was well organized and the lines went my quick.
The race itself was a bit boring to me. I thought the announcer at the starting line was lacking enthusiasm and they did nothing to pump up the runners prior to starting. I found the course itself really boring, although the views of the ocean were nice, i thought how they set up the course was dull. there wasnt much entertainment along the course at all and not many spectators as the last 3 half marathons I had done. I was bored most of the course and it was mentally discouraging to do so many turn arounds as other runners ran past you. The end of the race after the finish line was well organized and the medal and snack pick up went very smoothly. The volunteers were great. Overall I give this race a B but I would not do it again due to the course.