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Review of Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon by JCrowther

Posted by: on February, 7 2012

* Expo was a little tight…hot and crowded but the bib/shirt pick-up was smooth and easy.

* Loved the course but it was difficult merging with all the fast 1/2 marathoners. Also rough having to turn around at mile 16 just ONE mile from the finish. Crowd screaming at runners “JUST 1 MORE MILE!” really was hard knowing I still had 10 to go!!

* Felt like there weren’t enough water stations on the 2nd half of the course when I really needed it. I know the boardwalk is tight, but there were some LOOONG stretches with nothing!!! it made that length of the run seem never-ending!!

* having the boardwalk open to the public was a little weird at first but then kinda cool!

* LOVE LOVE LOVE the medal…My favorite of ALL my medals!

* post race recovery goodies…could have used a bottle of cold water or vitalite and a moist towel to wipe off all the salt!

* more finish line photographers…we had to seek them out and people looked confused!!!

* Loved hearing the crashing waves, loved all of the amazing volunteers!

* I REALLY LOVED that this race seemed to cater to the Marathoners…I liked NOT being herded with 15,000 people at the start and getting to start first and get the best parking! I felt like the organizers really KNEW what runners want and need in a race and I LOVED the casual atmosphere!