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Review of Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon by giarcanderson

Posted by: on December, 27 2011

Ok. How can you say anything bad about a race that is run along the beach? I have done this full for the past three years. I really like it.

The expo is good with lots of vendors. I always end up being there for about a hour or so.

Get there early on race day. Beach Blvd gets very busy in the morning and I thought one year that I was going to miss the race. Parking kind of sucks. Be prepared to walk at the end of the race for a few miles, especially if someone dropped you off and is picking you up later. The race/city needs to have pre-paid parking. Personally, I would have paid a little extra to park closer so I do not have to walk so far after running 26 miles.

I am not much of a post race kind of guy, but I have walked by the area and it seems very festive. Beer garden, food, etc. All I ever want to do is get to my car and relax at home after a race.

The support on the course is good and the course is pretty flat. Some slight hills, but nothing drastic. Although some people think they are…So I have heard.

I almost forgot. The medals. Ther are awesome. Shaped like a surfboard. Way cool! The shirts are long sleeve, which is cool since all my others are short.

Great event. No complaints really.