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Review of Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon by Davefromphilly

Posted by: on December, 26 2011

For this review, I have completed the half marathon.

First off, this race is on Super Bowl Sunday. So you will definitely feel good after this run, knowing that you will be consuming many more calories later in the day. The pre-race festivities are good. The festivities are held at the state beach parking lot, right by the startling line. This is as close to the beach sand that you are going to get. As for the SWAG, you receive a good quality dry-fit shirt. Legacy runners (those runners who have raced the course in the last 3 consecutive years) receive an additional legacy shirt, as well as VIP lane to the beer garden after the race. It is one for the best perks of the race, as this line will easily be a 10-15 minute wait after crossing the finish line.

The course is top notch! You run about 9 of the 13.1 miles of the half marathon along Pacific Coast Highway. You literally can check out the surfers as well as the scenery during the run, and it is a welcomed distraction! When you are not running along PCH, you are running through the Seapoint neighborhood, and the residents are out in full force, cheering you on. The course is relatively flat, with uphill climbs at around mile 3 and mile 9, and the climbs are not bad at all. Overall, it is a fast course. I have set my two best half marathon times on this course.

As for the post race party, it is also top notch! After collecting your medal, you are given a grab bag full of food and goodies, water and powerade, as well as an entrance into the beer garden. The grab bag is plentiful and much needed after the long run.

This is a great course, and I have run it for 6 years straight. I would highly recommend it!

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