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Review of Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon by 3kidzmommy

Posted by: on February, 8 2012

It was a great weekend! We stayed at the Hyatt so that we wouldn’t have to worry about parking. Went to the expo Saturday morning. It was crowded but very manageable. Course was excellent, weather couldn’t have been better. Volunteers were great, EMT care seemed wonderful. My only complaint is that they posted the finish times the day of the race but mine was one that had a technical difficulty. I went to the expo and asked what happened and they told me it sometimes happens and they have back up systems in place and it’ll be fine. It’s now Wednesday and I still don’t have a finish time. In a normal race I wouldn’t be too freaked about not having my time yet but because they posted everyone else’s times the day of the race I’m very anxious about what problems they might have encountered with mine! Overall a great race though. If I ever get a time and it’s close to what I know I finished in, then I’ll definitely do it again next year!