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Review of Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon by

Posted by: on March, 16 2014

Whats not love about this race? It is in the best location and the weather is always perfect hard running.

The expo- I went right when it opened so there was a line to get in but it moved rather quickly. They always have a nice big expo with tons of vendors. The atmosphere is great and really gets you pumped up for the race.

Race day- I parked several blocks away for free and biked in. Which made the day SUPER EASY. Its always ice cold before the start so I brought a long a mylar blanket and sat inside the expo tent till it warmed up. The corrals are always thick with people but everyone moves over and you get right in. They had plenty of well stocked aide station along the course. Its a fairly flat and fast course in my opinion and the race goes by super quick. The winds really picked up during the race and I had to fight them for the last 4 miles of race. It felt like running in mud but added to the challenge.

The finish line as always was well stocked with goodies. I Pr’d that day and it was taking me a minute to think straight. The gentlemen handing out mylar blankets was so sweet I will never forget him. He could see how long it was taking me to think and he turned me around and wrapped it around me. He said the blanket was a nice warm hug from my mom 🙂

Post Race- It seemed ok to me. I didn’t hang out for too long. I went inside the tent to verify my finish time. I checked out the few remaining vendors and bought a couple Surf City shirts at a reduced price.

This years medal is a little bigger than last years and I LOVE this years long sleeve pink tech shirt. My long sleeve Surf City shirts are always my go to winter shirts for running so I appreciate that they give out something I can use.

I love Surf City and will run it every single year.