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Review of Super Spartan Race by

Posted by: on February, 19 2013

I’ve done marathons, half marathons, Warrior Dash, Gladiator, all of those kinds of races.
The Spartan Race, regardless of the discipline (Sprint, Super or Beast), will kick you into next week. It’s tough, but if you’re a “fun” racer, you *WILL* finish. The burpee penalty is deliciously painful, but that’s the whole point.
A true test of your character, wills, strength, skills, agility. It’s pretty much the perfect challenge. Yes, there are other races that claim to be “Tough”. Or Muddier, if you know what I mean. Yes, they’re fun and hard to do, but there is nothing that touches Spartan Race.
You get a medal, shirt, water and banana (usually) at the end of the race and the post-race activities are numerous. From start to finish, a tip-top company that actually CARES about you. Listens to you and will take aboard any advice or constructive criticisms.
I can’t recommend this company enough. Sign up and go for the Trifecta!