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Review of Spartan Race – Malibu by

Posted by: on April, 15 2013

I did the Spartan Sprint race in 2012.
Pre-race: I followed the parking instructions where we had to park by the beach, and they’d have shuttle buses to the race area. I came 1hour 15mins before my scheduled race time. I waited 50 mins in line for the bus. Then, for some reason, the bus I was in was just sooo slow and it took 30mins to get to the race. So by the time I reached the start line, I was too late to run with my friends (apparently, they just parked at the street, and was there early). So I had to wait for another corral and had to do the race all by myself. That was my only complain about the race.
Race: The course was fun, exhilarating, and provided good enough challenges. There was a huge line going thru the barbed wire crawls (as expected).
Post race: good enough shower (need stronger water pressure, tho), changing tent was muddy & dark.
My suggestions:
– more buses, and newer buses that could go uphill at reasonable speed.
– more volunteers keep track people who “fail” the obstacles, and make sure they do burpees. I saw some people “escaped”.
Overall: good challenging race, and I will return to tackle that monkey bar