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Review of Spartan Race – Malibu by JKuhn

Posted by: on December, 3 2012

Did this race yesterday. So, I have ran 20+ Half’s, 1 full marathon and 1 triathlon. This was my first obstacle course/mud run. So keep this in mind I can’t compare it will anything else.

-Something new and different!
-Malibu offered amazing views, steep hills and LOTS of mud, did I mention LOTS of mud?
-Race swag- Medal, T-shirt, swag bag. Very low key pickup and registration
-Good team work and friendly environment for a race

-LOTS of injuries with no fast medical help (this bugged me cause I stopped to help a girl down the hill with a hurt knee trying to find anyone to help us.)
-Be prepared to bleed!!! The course was filled with sharp rocks that you had to army craw through. Might have been because of the rain and mud.
-LONG bus lines (25 minute bus between the venue and parking) Many said the waited in line for hours in the rain. I didn’t have this issue but reading race comments sounds like a HUGE issue.
– Lots of little fees. Such as $10+ for medical insurance (required thru them), and $5 to gear check.

Overall, I will race this event again. Be prepare to be wet and muddy. Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to ruin (rocks and barbwire will rip your clothes) Practice BURPEES!